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Complete video courses that will guide you step by step
on your learning journey through Oriental Arts.

Complete video courses that will guide you step by step
on your learning journey through Oriental Arts.

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Wing Chun

Martial and self-defense course

The ancient Chinese martial discipline based on the control and management of the body, with self-defense programs


Balance and well-being

An exceptional practice suitable for everyone, focused on health and well-being, which will bring you tangible benefits

Frequent questions:

The lessons you will have access to are recorded in high quality with different angles; each covers two or three topics with examples and guided exercises.
You will also receive numerous Bonus Videos and In-depth Videos with which you will be able to delve even further into all aspects of the discipline: theory, history, concepts and extra details.
All the lessons received remain available in your personal area, where you can watch them at any time.

You can access from any device wherever you are, all you need is your username and password.
You will always find all your lessons in your personal area.

If you encounter difficulties or if you need clarifications, we provide prompt support regarding the use of the site, payment management, account access or any other need that may arise. You can always contact us from this page .

If you are enrolled in the course, you can forward your questions directly to Sifu Mauro, who will answer you personally. If you wish, you can also book a personal private lesson online with him.

High teaching standards

Learn directly from Sifu Mauro Gibin, one of the most renowned instructors of this practice and national manager of Scuola Orientale, a large Association with schools in 15 countries between Europe and Asia.

No "secrets"

Only complete and verified notions, combined with an effective training method. You will be guided to fully understand the principles and refine the applications, thanks to one of the most in detail programs available today

Simple and effective system

Linear video-lessons organized by levels, which you can watch and repeat whenever you want. Access at any time and train freely at your own pace: the learning path is calibrated to suit everyone. ​

The online courses are conducted entirely by Sifu Mauro Gibin, a highly experienced teacher and national manager of Scuola Orientale. Many martial arts practitioners got to know him in the Academies where he taught and still teaches, and several of his students have opened high-level schools in Italy and around the world. 

You can find more information about Sifu Mauro and his biography on the website:

I believe that the greatest challenge for a Martial Arts practitioner is being able to bring the Way into every aspect of their daily life. With the right method and self-cultivation the path will become clearer and clearer.

Sifu Mauro Gibin